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Fourth Key (Vapor eJuice / eLiquid nicotine levels)

If you have not read our article regarding the five keys to vaping we strongly recommend that you take a moment and read the five keys article which is located in our “Basics To Know” section within “eCig Info”.

We have added the fourth key here, however some of the information may not make complete sense because in this section we do not explain coil resistance (Second Key) which is as important as the eLiquid nicotine level.


When it comes to e-Cigarette nicotine liquid you have many options to choose from. As a rule of thumb the higher the nicotine level the more throat hit (a term used to associate the feeling a traditional cigarette gives to a smoker's throat when inhaling) but hinders the flavor or the eLiquid. If you use an eLiquid with a low nicotine level then the eLiquid blend will offer more flavor but it will reduce your throat hit.

In the early days of vaping, choosing your nicotine level was pretty simple as almost all vapor units operated at 3.7 to 4.2 volts (pretty low settings) and almost all e-Cigarette coil heads (used to be called atomizers) were preset to 1.2 to 2.5 ohms. You simply selected a nicotine level of your preference and would reduce the level over time (if you wanted to decrease your nicotine level).

Today it's very important to compare your nicotine level to your coil head setting. High levels of nicotine can be too harsh to inhale if used with a low resistance coil heads (0.25). You need to adjust your nicotine mg level based on the coil head setting you are currently using.

Some signs that you are using too much nicotine for the resistance of your coil are a feeling of being light headed and even dizziness. The reason for this is that a low resistance coil head runs much hotter and converts the nicotine liquid much quicker resulting in more vapor and a higher concentration of nicotine within the vapor, in turn, you absorb more nicotine as your lungs are exposed to more vapor.

High resistance coil heads (1.5) might not deliver the desired throat sensation compared to your old habit of tobacco cigarettes as they do not run nearly as hot as a low resistance coil head. A high resistance setting will result in less vapor and less nicotine absorption. In this case you would increase your nicotine level to deliver the desired throat sensation.

The higher the coil head setting (1.5) the higher the nicotine level that can be consumed (if needed) and the lower the coil head setting (0.25) than the lower the nicotine level. Every e-Cigarette user has different preferences and it's common to vary your nicotine levels. For an example, you may use 12mg or even 24mg with a high resistance coil head (1.5), but if you switch your coil head to a low resistance setting (0.25) then that same eCig user should reduce the nicotine mg level to 3mg or 6mg.

There are some eCigarette users who enjoy high levels of nicotine even with powerful low resistance (0.25) coil heads. We recommend starting at a low level of nicotine and if desired raising the nicotine levels slowly at no more than 3mg intervals.

The description above might leave you scratching your head as to the correct nicotine level to choose in your e-Cigarette refill liquid. You don’t want to waste money on eLiquid that you cannot use, on eLiquid that may be to light or too strong of a nicotine level.

The solution is pretty simple, you can mix your eLiquid as needed. For Example if you have a bottle of 12mg nicotine level eJuice and a bottle of 0mg nicotine eJuice you can mix them together (equal parts) giving you 6 mg of nicotine. Please be cautious not to get eLiquid on your skin, prolonged exposure will result in nicotine absorption through the skin. If you spill eCigarette refill liquid (juice) on your skin please wash the area with soap and water as soon as possible to ensure your safety.