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Molly Meals is a charity program benefiting homeless animals. A portion of your purchase of Electronic Cigarettes, Starter Kits, eLiquid or eCig Replacement Parts will directly benefit an animal in need by providing them with meals, or as we like to call it Molly Meals. Molly Meals was introduced in 2013.

We all have New Years Resolutions and for 2013 Shawn decided to start Molly Meals. Resolutions are usually a reflection on the past year and how to change things for the better, for Shawn given 2012 Molly Meals was a natural fit. It may seem odd to some that a retail provider of electronic cigarettes is donating pet food as a portion of every purchase but for Shawn it felt like the right thing to do.

Since the starting of ZeeCigs in 2009 Shawn has gotten to know a great deal of his customers and what he found is allot of like minded people who are not only customers but friends. Cigarettes have painted a ugly picture for us tobacco and ecig users in this PC society but for those of us in that circle we are well aware that we are big hearted folks who give allot back to our society on so many levels, (If a non smoker ever considered how much Tobacco Tax actually goes into local and state programs they might think again before pushing us another 20 feet from a door).

In 2009 Shawn started offering free dog treats for every order and you will still find the "add to Cart Button" for free dog treats in the replacement parts section. This was started as orders are packed with real popcorn and when Shawn heard how many customers that had dogs who waited for the next order as if it were a petopia christmas of popcorn treats Shawn added the Free Dog Treats option.

Molly lives in Austin Texas Zee Cigs Mascot

Molly Marie at 11 weeks of age, born 05-18-2012

Shawn has had dogs since childhood and every dog was a rescue, with the passing of Shawn's last dog Jaco Sr. who was an English Chocolate Labador, Shawn decided that this time he would care for a dog from the cradle. His relationship with Jaco Sr. was so meaningful another English Chocolate Lab named Jaco Jr. was chosen.

Shawn's wife Maggie was a bit tired of being out numbered male to female in the home and she wanted a female dog as her pal. when deciding names for her new pup Maggie blurted out "Maggie" as the name of choice. With a eyebrow raised Shawn said having two Maggie's in one house is one Maggie too many and he mentioned "How about Molly", Maggie agreed.

If you are familiar with Shawn's ecig video's you know he does his research on pretty much everything and that is exactly what he did attempting to find his wife a perfect pup, or so he thought.

Shawn did a great deal of research and found a possible Molly in Houston Texas. He could not drive to Houston Texas from Austin Texas to pick out "Our Molly" as he was busy at the smokeless shop but Maggie's sister was available so they both drove to what they thought would be a reputable breeder.

Maggie and her sister walked into a puppy mill situation, the small residential home stunk of urine and poop, adult dogs and puppies were everywhere and desperate for any attention. Maggie was presented with two puppies and she took about a hour to get to know each pup but she hesitated considering the conditions and knowing that this was a bad situation.

She called Shawn for advice, Shawn asked her, do you have a connection with either puppy? Maggie did, with Shawn and Maggie knowing they had a much harder road ahead of them as this would be a puppy mill pet they went with their hearts and in Molly's case she was one lucky pup considering the next chain of events.

On the drive back to Austin Texas from Houston Texas the breeder called Maggie and demanded she return with Molly as she was sold the wrong puppy. As it turns out the breeder was showing the wrong two puppies, she though she had hid one of the puppies away from view who was meant to be the next show dog and eventual breeding female for a long line of puppy mill pets.

The breeder was so disconnected with the puppies she could not tell one from the other and only after Maggie and her sister left did she realize she gave away her next intended breeding dog. Maggie did not have the heart to return Molly into such a situation knowing the life awaiting Molly back in Houston so Maggie drove on.

After numerous conversations, arguments and threats made by the breeder Shawn and Maggie were then served with legal action against them by the breeder. The situation was serious and after several consultations with attorneys a decision had to be made, do they fight which could cost up to 10,000 dollars in legal fee's (money Shawn and Maggie did not have) or return Molly?

Shawn's legal research found Attorney Robert J. Inger who is chair of the "Laws for Paws" of the Houston Bar Association who assisted Shawn and Maggie and resolved the dispute without going to court as there was no wrong doing on the part of Maggie and Shawn. ASPCA was of course notified right from the beginning, although the results of a ASPCA report are not provided we were assured that direct action was taken.

The road with Molly was difficult considering Molly spent her first nine weeks without food and water on a regular bases, never let outside and was left in her own pee and pooh. Molly had to learn how to be a normal puppy and Molly took a long time to adjust but with Maggie and Shawn's support and patience she has prospered to become a terrific puppy.

It is said that you can choose a dog but in the end the dog chooses you. As it turns out this saying seem's true as Molly has chosen Shawn as her pal and Jaco Jr. has chosen Maggie as his pals, Shawn admits having a fluffy pup with a pink collar took a bit to get used too but in the end what guy can deny such a pretty girl her due.

After this ordeal and being personally touched with the darker side of puppy sales Shawn understands how many bad situations are out there for animals and how many Molly's must be out there in puppy mill situations and in shelters as forgotten animals due to behavorial issues.

For all of the Molly's out there Zee Cigs provides Molly Meals through the purchases of our customers. Everybody, humans and animals alike deserve at least a fair meal, we can't feed everybody and the list of organizations in need is never ending but we feel "Molly Meals" is a step in the right direction.

Molly meets Shawn
Molly meets Jaco Jr.
Molly on her way home
Molly Meets Shawn
Molly Meets Jaco Jr.
Molly and Maggie