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Free Trial Scams

Disclaimer: As per FDA regulations a e-Cigarette retailer engaged in the sale of vapor product can not make any health claims regarding electronic cigarette devices. The information found below is not a health claim on behalf of Zee Cigs Vapor and should not be viewed as such. These are quotes from recent news articles and should not be viewed as health claims made by Zee Cigs.

e-Cigarette Free Product and eCig Free Trial Scams and Rip Off's

As your mother or father always said, nothing in life is free! Many unscrupulous vapor retailers are offering free electronic cigarettes and / or ecig trial periods. always look at the fine print as many of these offers will automatically charge your credit card a hefty price for the e-Cigarette unit (look at the fine print). It has been reported that these "Fake Free eCig Trials" have been targeting elderly consumers. Trust us, the AARP is not marketing eCigarettes and we doubt they ever would offer such products.

Recent FDA regulations specifically state that no e-Cigarette product can be offered for free, every electronic cigarette free trial offer violates current FDA regulations, if you happen to become entangled in one of these free vape offers chances are good a foreign retailer is behind the offer and you will be charged $100 or more for half of the product found in a normal mainstream eCig starter kit. To make matters worse many of these vape units do not provide the level of vapor or throat hit that current vapor models offer as the eCig models in question are out-dated technology.

If you decide to return the free electronic cigarette chances are good you can run into issues. The best case scenario will entail long hold times on the phone, annoying sales people trying to up-sell you and hours of your precious time being wasted. We recommend that you place a complaint with your credit card company and let them handle the situation.

Be aware of auto shipping programs as any of these trials "automatically enroll you in other programs, one common "auto program" will send you pre-filled eCig cartridges on a weekly basis and automatically charge your credit card for every transaction.

Be Smart, read the fine print.

Recently some american based ecig suppliers (stores, shops, company) have made statements that their product is now FDA approved. It has also been reported that these scam eCig retailers make slanted statements that they hold an exclusive patent to cartridges and products here in the USA. Any of the above statements are not true. The patent to e-Cigarettes is held by a foreign corporation and currently no USA suppliers holds any exclusivity to the electronic cigarette and / or cartridges.