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New to eCigs? We have you covered with our extensive “eCig Info” section. Please take the time to review the pages listed in the “eCig Info” section on the top navigation bar. If you take the time to read these articles a new electronic cigarette user like yourself will not only save you money but also common mistakes made by new users.

eCigarette models offer a wide range of different models and kits and it can be overwhelming to a new eCig user. We have simplified all of the information into an easily read section which will assist you in choosing the correct vapor eCigarette model saving you both time and money as you will avoid the pitfalls of purchasing multiple vape models that may not appeal to your personal vaping needs.

The “eCig Info” section is extensive and will also outline common pitfalls such as nicotine liquid safety and quality, vape hardware quality and proper vaping techniques.

Shawn started Zee Cigs Vapor back in 2009 and offered information along with quality vapor products that we have personally tested and used. We continue to offer as much information as we can along with quality eCigarette vape product. Since 2009 we have offered several top picks as this makes your search much easier as the vape models available can be overwhelming to a new eCigarette customer.

Have a look at the various kits featured in “Shawn’s Top Pick’s Section” which includes Budget Kit, Standard Kit and Preferred Kit recommendations.

If you are brand new to the vape world we recommend that you have a look in the “eCig Info Section” and at a bare minimum you read our article “Basics To Know”. You want to put your best foot forward and in the vapor world knowledge is key so we invite you to visit the “eCig Info Section” to ensure your a happy camper!

Experienced vape users will also find “Shawn’s Top Picks” useful as these are all newer products that we have put through internal eCig performance and quality testing. We do not offer vape products that we have not tested internally and in many cases we are a few weeks behind offering the newest vape models due to our testing procedures.

We also test for notable improvements over the current vapor products that we offer here at Zee Cigs, if a new vape product is pretty much the same eCig model as a current product we usually will not offer the vapor product as we feel this is a waste of your hard earned money. However, if a “game changer” vape product becomes available you will see it in “Shawn’s Top Picks” section.

If you have heard of or seen a vapor product but cannot find it within our “Shop By Brand” section odds are very good it did not pass our internal vapor performance and quality testing. Feel free to email us to ask why a specific vapor product did not make the cut with the ZeeCigs Line up as we will be happy to explain our findings.

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