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Exploding eCigs

Disclaimer: As per FDA regulations a e-Cigarette retailer engaged in the sale of vapor product can not make any health claims regarding electronic cigarette devices. The information found below is not a health claim on behalf of Zee Cigs Vapor and should not be viewed as such. These are quotes from recent news articles and should not be viewed as health claims made by Zee Cigs.

The single most important DIY vape part attributed to the success and innovation of modern day eCigarette is what is now called the “Mechanical Mod”. This portion of a DIY e-Cigarette is a battery housing (made of either metal or wood) that contains a battery, positive and negative contact points and a fire button. The word mechanical was coined in the forums as there mod’s had no safety chips limiting the power output and protection of an electrical short as a safety measure resulting in the word “mechanical”. Mechanical Mods is a modern day way of “playing with fire”.

With these mechanical mods DIYer’s could now build their own top ends (tanks) and create their own coils, in the beginning safety was a top concern and the DIYer’s were commonly professionals in their own right, it was not uncommon to see scientists, electrical engineers, doctors and master electricians toying with new designs. As designs improved so did the vapor output, this started to create issues within the electronic cigarette community as many amateurs were now monkeying around with mechanical mods. It was not long before pandora’s box was opened and we heard of the first exploding electronic cigarette.

The issue was simple, relatively new users would fall down a rabbit hole of online information and follow some of the instructions and DIY designs but allot of the instructions were ignored and attention to safety was overlooked. Lack of knowledge and sheer stupidity showcased the first electronic cigarette explosion with a man creating a electronic cigarette from a mini maglight DIY design. The man made three grave errors, one was not following strict instructions on coil building, this resulted in an electrical short. Using unprotected batteries (some batteries have a protection chip built in stopping any possible electrical short) and finally he did not drill a hole in the mini mag DIY mod.

e-Cigarettes Don’t Just Blow Up

e-Cigarettes do not just blow up as they contain lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion can cause a runaway reaction if shorted, which, if held in your hand can causes burns and can cause a fire but they do not blow up (do yourself a favor and on YouTube search for “Lithium Ion Runaway”). A good point to study on this matter is the recent issue with Samsung Galaxy Smartphone fires. In all of the news you heard “catching on fire” which was the term used as they did not blow up.

Electronic cigarettes use the same battery technology along with laptops, Prius, Tesla, Boeing Airplanes, heck if you have an item that is rechargeable 99% of the time it has a lithium-ion batteries built in. So how does one get a electronic cigarettes to blow up? Well in the case of the DIY mini maglite design the DIY user did not drill a vent hole. Without a vent hole the lithium-ion’s runaway reaction built up until the housing exploded under immense pressure. It takes allot of mistakes to make a eCigarette blow up as any device professionally made by a reputable company has a vent hole.

Mainstream Media Misleads The Public

Mainstream media has repeatedly misreported these news stories, if we still had good reporters, we the public, would get sensible and understandable information resulting in awareness. You should stay away from Mechanical Mods but mainstream e-Cigarettes are as safe as any other electrical devices that uses lithium-ion technology.

Exploding e-Cigarettes Become Mainstream To Public Consumers!

As we mentioned above, Mechanical Mods were pretty exclusive to DIY eCigarette users. In 2013 the vapor industry saw a huge shift with Mechanical Mods being sold mainstream as china manufacturers were actively marketing these mods to retailers. The reasoning was simple, mechanical mods coupled with DIY tanks allowed users to build their own coil resulted in vapor output previously unseen. If you witnessed a eCig user blow out a five foot vapor plume odds are good its a mechanical mod or rig. This prompted the young bloods (yes, we call them young bloods as they are between the ages of 18 to about 25 years old) to jump into the vapor revolution as they started doing vape tricks. You will find thousands of videos on YouTube of young bloods performing all kind of tricks and I must admit some are pretty mind blowing with big vapor rings floating as the user blows smaller heart shaped rings within. The shows can go on for seconds or minutes depending on the skill of the user.

eCigarette Forces a Plane to Make an Emergency Landing

Mechanical Mods have hurt traditional electronic cigarettes users for years, as an example the TSA recently created new policies that electronic cigarettes are allowed in carry on baggage but electronic cigarettes are not allowed in Checked baggage. The reason? A young blood (yes, we call them young bloods as they are between the ages of 18 to about 25 years old) tossed a mechanical mod into his checked luggage. The Mechanical Mod engaged while in flight (yes, the moron did not remove the battery or turn off the mod) causing an emergency landing as the sensors detected a fire in the plane's luggage compartment (High levels of vapor will set off a smoke alarm, word to the wise the next time you are in a airplane bathroom). So you can thank Mechanical Mods for the electronic cigarette airline travel restrictions.

Mechanical Mods Go Mainstream!

As Mechanical mods are so easy and cheap to produce the Mechanical Mod marketplace exploded (yea, we see the humor in that statement). Thousands and thousands of users started using these mechanical vapor rigs. The issue was lack of training with retailers and if the retailer was trained the lack of attention the customer provided to learn the safety protocols. No one seemed to care and with carelessness comes tragedy. Every mainstream media report or facebook post showcasing an electronic cigarette explosion is attributed to mechanical mod electronic cigarettes.

Finally Some Good News!

Thankfully in 2015 technology improved and mainstream electronic cigarette models from reputable electronic cigarette manufacturers were introduced for sale. These newer eCig models produce allot of vapor and are well made models that can compete with the classic DIY Mechanical Mod, as unsafe as mechanical rigs are knowledge within the vapor community finally prevailed but it took some eCigs to explode for users to finally listen to the warnings about Mechanical MODs. The newer mainstream electronic cigarettes have built in protection and yes, vent holes just incase!

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back.

Just when you thought the electronic cigarette market was out of the woods regarding a “electronic cigarette explode” news articles we regret to inform you that we are not out of the woods. Previously I spoke about mechnical DIY mods, the batteries used for these devices are 18650 batteries which are perfect for eCigs. The size of the battery is manageable but the onboard energy storage is incredibly good. Without these batteries we would not have units that can produce 100watt and 200watt output.

These batteries have now become mainstream for almost all electronic cigarette models that offer a removable battery. These batteries are perfectly safe in electronic cigarette models with built in protection. So what's the problem? The problem is many users will chuck that very powerful battery in their pocket or a change tray in their car. Now, you have a very powerful lithium-ion battery that is unprotected and exposed to metal objects such as keys or coins resulting in a huge safety risk for the user. Knowledge is power and in this case it will also keep you safe.

Liar Liar, Your Pants Are On Fire!

In 2016 a video went viral on social media and on all major news outlets in the United States which featured the story of an e-Cigarette exploding in a man's pants. If you have a chance to watch the video it's an eye popping video which starts with a clerk behind a counter, the security cameras catch the action as all of the sudden his pant’s catch on fire. Well the first thing to point out is the fact of no explosion as in this case it was a Lithium-Ion runaway reaction. So what about the e-Cigarette explosion! There was no electronic cigarette. It was in fact an 18650 removable battery that the man used for his electronic cigarette.

The man placed the battery in his pants with no protection, all it took was whatever metal objects he had in his pants to cause a short which resulted in the viral video footage. These batteries are used in many devices including flashlights, cameras and a host of other electronic products. Again, Mainstream Media ran with the story featuring “e-Cigarettes” but in reality it was a 18650 battery and poor judgment of the user by mishandling the batteries.

If you still have questions regarding this article feel free to email us. We hope you found this article informative.