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Breathe Easy Again

Disclaimer: As per FDA regulations a e-Cigarette retailer engaged in the sale of vapor product can not make any health claims regarding electronic cigarette devices. The information found below is not a health claim on behalf of Zee Cigs Vapor and should not be viewed as such. These are quotes from recent news articles and should not be viewed as health claims made by Zee Cigs.

Long term cigarette smokers commonly have some kind of lung damage due to smoking traditional cigarettes, the main damage is from tar and also from the carcinogens within cigarette smoke. e-Cigarettes produce a water like vapor which does not contain any tar.

Your lungs have hair like projections called cilia. They sweep out foreign particles that are inhaled into the lungs, including dust, viruses, bacteria, etc. When a person starts smoking, the cilia start to slow down, eventually becoming paralyzed and destroyed from the tar built up within the lungs.

When a person quits smoking, cilia will start to regenerate within a few days. In many cases the cilia can fully regenerate within six months, timelines do differ depending on length of tobacco cigarette use, age and general health. If you quit smoking and later return to occasional smoking the cilia will not fully regenerate as tar is still being introduced into the lungs. The lungs are amazing machines as they can heal themselves over time if given the chance.

Lets not forget about the ability to taste again. Tobacco cigarette smokers have a coating of tar in their mouth and on the tongue. If you are currently a smoker your mouth and tongue is coated with tar from cigarettes. If you completely switch over to eCigs the tar will dissipate in approximately one week. Real Tobacco Cigarettes vs vapor eCigarette are night and day when comparing tar consumption as electronic cigarettes do not contain any tar.

Commonly a cigarette smoker can detect limited flavor which includes sweet and salty flavors, however many other flavors can not be detected due to the tar build up. eCig users have noted that a full flavor range returns as quickly as one week since electronic cigarettes do not have any tar, ex-smokers can experience dryness of the mouth when using eCigarettes which is common. Vapor users usually increase water consumption to prevent any dryness of the mouth. This is always recommended as hydration is important to general health.

If you suffer from seasonal or long-term allergies please note that allergies will affect your ability to taste eLiquid flavoring. If you are suffering from allergies you may notice that you your eCig juice will seem to have no flavor when symptoms are heightened, this is due to your senses being overwhelmed by seasonal or long term allergies. If you suffer from a cold or the flu this too will cause a severe reduction in flavor detection by your nose and tongue due to sickness.