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Purchasing Options

Disclaimer: As per FDA regulations a e-Cigarette retailer engaged in the sale of vapor product can not make any health claims regarding electronic cigarette devices. The information found below is not a health claim on behalf of Zee Cigs Vapor and should not be viewed as such. These are quotes from recent news articles and should not be viewed as health claims made by Zee Cigs.

Welcome to a website where knowledge is showcased as it should be. Here at ZeeCigs we feel you should know all the facts. Currently there is a model for any consumers personal needs. However, figuring out this information can seem daunting. We hope you find this information useful.

Vapor eCigarettes Brick And Mortar and Online Retail Purchase Overview

Currently your options for purchasing a new vapor starter kit and the refill nicotine liquid are endless with thousands of vapor eCig devices to choose from. Online you can purchase from hundreds if not thousands of retailers and suppliers offering vapor products, American or foreign (Commonly China). You now also have the option to visit brick and mortar vapor stores in nearly every town in the United States of America.

Electronic Cigarettes on Amazon.com

You will be hard pressed to purchase an e-cigarette starter kit on Amazon. This is due to the Amazon Seller agreement which forbids the sale of tobacco products. Amazon.com banned electronic cigarette suppliers as soon as the first supplier attempted to offer an e-cigarette starter kit and Amazon has not changed it’s position on e-cigarettes. It’s a shame as Amazon.com and its review system would really assist people new to electronic cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarettes on eBay.com

You can easily find electronic cigarette starter kits on ebay. With that being said the eBay user agreement forbids the sale or auction of tobacco products. Why this is important is you can indeed find e-cigarette starter kits on eBay.com. The reason is simple, it takes ebay's systems alittle while to catch the newly posted e-cigarette items but trust me they catch every account sooner or latter. Before you click that buy button be aware that the odds of the e-cigarette being a counterfeit starter kit is very high (if you are searching by brand name). Counterfeit electronic cigarettes have plagued the vapor industry since the beginning. If you do choose the eBay route to purchase an e-cigarette be very careful as you may get more than you bargained for.

E-cigarette Advertisements on Google and Website Advertising Banners.

The Google advertising agreement forbids the advertisement of tobacco products and google views electronic cigarettes as a tobacco product, that being said if you spot an advertisement on google search engines or in the banners that are placed on behalf of google in websites, forums and blogs (you know the one’s I am talking about, you just looked at a tent online for camping but now every place you go online you see banners featuring tents for sale. That's google paid advertising, it may feel creepy but those ad’s work).

The reason to beware of any e-cigarette advertising is the fact that the advertiser had to circumvent the system to place the ad. This is commonly done with a bait and switch tactic with headlines of “The Dangers Of E-cigarettes” but when you click on the link you are redirected to an e-cigarette retail website. Think about this situation for a moment, do you really want to do business with an e-cigarette retailer who lied and cheated their way to get you to their online e-cigarette store? Hopefully your reply would be “Heck No”...

Before You Purchase From A Local Vapor Retail Store

For many retailers local electronic cigarette vapor stores seem to be the new "Cash For Gold" trend these days. If you are visiting a local vapor shop it pays to take a few minutes of your time and read the reviews found on google and popular review websites such as Yelp.

Don’t get me wrong, there are allot of hard working and well meaning vapor shops and a great deal of the owners are ex-smokers. Taking the time to read reviews will help you find these reputable vapor stores and most of them will provide you with good service and good advice regarding the correct e-cigarette starter kit.

However let's take a moment and talk about the “Cash For Gold” vapor shops. Most of these vapor retailers repackage and sell the same off brand low quality eCig hardware and low grade china made nicotine liquid and they will sell it to you at prices set to the moon as new vape customers have no idea to pricing and quality.

Without a doubt this makes it more difficult for a new e-cigarette user to make the correct choice when choosing a good e-cigarette starter kit. The first thing to note is that e-cigarette models may all look the same but they simply are not. In many cases you can have two units side by side that visually look identical but one will perform much better over the other and last much longer before needing replacement.

This simply comes down to quality of materials used to manufacture all of the hidden components behind that shiny metal and plastic. A few items to note is the e-cigarette battery control head (controls voltage and output) quality of the e-cigarette lithium-ion, quality of the circuit boards (poor quality will result in random voltage levels), quality of the e-cigarette housing (poor housing will separate in a few weeks exposing wires), quality of e-cigarette connection point material and quality of plastics and seals (poor quality will result in leaking and breakage) and of course the quality of the e-cigarette heating element.

That last one is a biggie as e-cigarette heating elements made of inferior metals can cause a health risk as these particles can find there way into your lungs. Stay safe, stick with reputable e-cigarette retail stores and you will not find yourself with a counterfeit e-cigarette starter kit or a poorly made e-cigarette starter kit with low grade materials

You do not have to spend a great deal of your hard earned cash to get good quality e-cigarette product. You can just as easily pay $150 to $200 on a poorly made e-cigarette even though you could have purchased a well made e-cigarette unit for $40 to $80. Always check to see that the name brand of the e-cigarette is one with a pedigree that is reputable and has history behind the e-cigarette vapor product being offered.

How Can A New Vapor Customer Find a Good eCig?

So how can you, as a new e-cigarette user tell a good e-cigarette over a poorly made model? Of course you are reading this on a website that sells e-cigarettes so you might think "here comes the sales pitch" that what makes Zee better than many other retailers. We pride ourselves on good product at good prices however we do not stand alone. There are many reputable retailers so rest easy, we're here to provide good information to let you make an informed decision, so here is some advice to help a newbie out.

Before purchasing take a moment and google "reviews" regarding that retailer. Check and see if the retailer provides warranties, check to see contact information including a USA address and that there is an easy way to contact customer service. The most important is if the retailer is providing quality and genuine product. Currently there are approx a dozen respected big brands, a few to mention are Aspire, eLeaf, Joyetech (aka Joye) , Kangertech (aka Kanger), Smoktech (aka Smok), iTaste and Vision.

Reviews will usually expose a e-cigarette retailer offering counterfeit or poorly made product. The quality of the refill liquid nicotine is very important as you will be inhaling this in the form of vapor into your body and lungs. The e-cigarette hardware and heating element is paramount regarding quality but the liquid just as important if not the pinnacle when it comes to purity.

Choosing Quality eLiquid

A good choice is that the e-Liquid is made in the USA however as of 2017 you also need to do some homework on those liquids too. Always review how the wording is used, many eJuice retailer will import ingredients from china but make statements that the liquid is "mixed" in the USA or mixed in-house. Another good indicator is the eLiquid container, does the labeling have sufficient information like other products commonly sold at retail stores? eLiquid is also called eJuice and Nicotine Smoke Juice. We go into much more detail in the “eLiquid Juice Safety” section of this website so check that section out as it's useful information.

If you are a new e-cigarette user you are unaware that the e-cigarette market is flooded with knock off counterfeit e-cigarettes and depending on the retailer's knowledge of e-cigarette product they may unknowingly be selling counterfeit e-cigarettes. This trend is more notable with smaller brick and mortar local stores as the owners themselves may be pretty new to the industry and are looking to cash in on what is becoming a very big trend over traditional smokes.

Online Purchase Through a USA Based Electronic Cigarette Retailer, Vendor Or Supplier

The majority of USA Ecig Suppliers providing vapor product offer hardware and in many cases nicotine liquid that are made in China and then branded or relabeled and sold here in the U.S. market. In fact all current models are made in China. The difference lays in the quality of the product a supplier purchases in bulk for resale. The general public is not usually aware that China based manufacturers will offer products at different tiers resulting in different pricing and quality control.

The eCig market has grown considerably and many smaller eCig businesses use a secondary supplier as the smaller retailers can no longer fulfill the large quantities required by principal brands such as Joyetech, Kangertech, Smoktech and iTaste.

Before purchasing take a moment and google "reviews" regarding that retailer. Check and see if the retailer provides warranties, check to see contact information including a USA address and that there is a easy way to contact customer service. The most important is if the retailer is providing quality and genuine product. Currently there are approx a dozen respected brands, a few to mention are Joyetech, Kangertech, eLeaf, Smoktech, iTaste and Vision.

Online Purchase Through a China Based eCig Vendor

Be very careful, the lack of regulation has resulted in substandard products being sold. There are a few honest suppliers but you can also get a bad "copy-cat" unit (very likely). Even though many units are made in China and shown on the internet for half the price many units are poor in quality.

Many recent forums have pointed out knock off models, especially regarding the popular brand named models. These China based companies have delivered products that have caused overheating (burning the lips) and several other issues (according to electronic cigarette forums subscribers).

Considering you are inhaling vapors from these units into your lungs, you want a well made unit. You do not want battery leakage or any sub-standard parts which could cause harm you.

Safeguard against Scam Sites Online

Several ghost sites have been built that have very similar website domain names in comparison to the official website. In reality they are scam website's. When dealing with foreign suppliers double-check everything!