Safety of eCigs, what you should know!

Why this addiction expert says e-cigarettes are 'holy grail' for public health

A non-biased CBS reporter asks fair questions to a public health expert - Public health expert worries e-cigarette panic is ruining "single biggest public health opportunity"

The Facts

In September 2019 hundreds of teenagers and adults have become seriously ill and some have died using black-market THC (marijuana) cartridges made by drug dealers with ingredients that are extremely harmful to humans. On 9/11/19 two individuals (drug dealers) were arrested in Wisconsin with over 30,000 of these cartridges that were seized in a raid by law enforcement. Law enforcement has also issued an alert that many other drug dens creating these harmful cartridges may still exist as the multi-state investigation continues.

During this crisis there has been no reports of anyone becoming ill solely vaping eLiquid products made by suppliers who are registered with the FDA and have been inspected by the FDA. Please be aware all eLiquid sold here at ZeeCigs has been registered with the FDA. ZeeCigs has been inspected on several occasions by officers of the FDA and Texas state officials, we have been found to be in compliance with all state and federal regulations and procedures.

UPDATE 9-27-2019 - The CDC released preliminary findings that the product in question was in fact counterfeit black market THC (marijuana) cartridges sold by drug dealers, CDC test found cartridges to have Vitamin E Acetate and Hydrogen Cyanide which is the direct cause to the outbreak. The CDC is still advising Americans not to vape eCigarettes although no proof has been brought forth that eLiquid sold legally by verified mfr. have any life threatening risks.

The Media

The media has for the most part excluded the fact that the harmful products in question are in fact black market illegal THC cartridges which has nothing to do with the mainstream vaping market. Almost every media outlet has provided misinformation or ran with sensationalized news reports using words such as “nicotine”, “vaping”, eCigs" and “oil” (when oil is mentioned they are referring to THC, CBD and Hash), the CDC has stepped in and declared all vaping products possibly harmful which is absurd. The situation is indeed out of hand with unchecked facts and incorrect information being provided to the public at large.

The fact that people have become ill and died from using THC products created by drugs dealers in an underground black market does not create a public health outcry but the media has successfully combined the term "eCig" with this situation as these cartridges can be used on standard eCig batteries. None of the reporting news sources have clarified the contrast between the products.

In fact many major news outlets have created unneeded panic by excluding the fact that the products in question are THC marijuana cartridges primarily sold on the street by drug dealers in states that marijuana consumption is illegal.

UPDATE 9-27-2019 - The CDC released preliminary findings that the product in question was in fact counterfeit black market THC (marijuana) cartridges sold by drug dealers, CDC test found cartridges to have Vitamin E Acetate and Hydrogen Cyanide which is the direct cause to the outbreak. The CDC is still advising Americans not to vape eCigarettes although no proof has been brought forth that eLiquid sold legally by verified mfr. have any life threatening risks.

Many major media outlets have chosen not report on these findings and some outlets continue to make an attempt to interlink these illegal cartridges to eCigarettes which is unfounded.

The media is playing a harmful role to their viewers by not updating the findings by the CDC. Some of the largest media outlets have removed previous article and news reports that inaccurately depicted eCigarettes as being harmful.

Owner of ZeeCigs Shawn on local Austin, Texas News Stations.
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The Truth About JUUL

You may have seen the eCig brand JUUL in recent media but are you aware who JUUL is and how they became an overnight success? JUUL is owned by big tobacco, they provide an ultra slim model with pre-filled eLiquid pods, each pod holds 1ml of liquid and four pods are sold per pack, (that's 4ml total) which sells anywhere from $18.99 to 19.99 per pack. The real success was by using a new "salt" process in the production of the nicotine within the pods. By using this process they were able to elevate a very high level of nicotine to tolerable levels for inhaling. JUUL pods contain 5% nicotine, you may think this is a low amount, but hold the phone, its 5% and NOT 5mg. When you do the conversion of mg to percentages this makes a massive difference, how much? 5% equals out to 50mg of nicotine.

JUUL has actively targeted all age groups and paid for questionable televised commercials. Trust us when we say JUUL does not care if "flavored" liquids are banned, in fact it might play to their favor! With flavors being banned most if not all traditional vapor stores will go out of business in a rapid succession as 50% to 60% of their business is flavored eLiquid. This will leave the market wide open to JUUL and at 50mg nicotine levels people will keep coming back for more.

We started in 2009 to help smokers successfully move off of traditional cigarettes by using eCigs. This has been the goal of the majority of the industry for almost a decade. With the shift from JUUL (It's been reported JUUL controls over 50% of the eCig market) we have seen this market make a complete 180 and it does seem that JUUL targeted underage considering many JUUL users are under the age of 21. If you are curious to why the market is in such a flux, look no further than JUUL.

You can email us or stop in and ask the staff at a ZeeCigs retail location regarding the current situation. As the saying goes “smoke’em if you got em”. Our saying for now is “Stock’em up if you can”. Please be aware the process of banning flavors can take some time, so feel free to shop as usual, however you may want to put some finances aside to stock up on your favorite flavors because we don't know when they may be gone for good.


CASAA (Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association) for accurate information at (http://www.casaa.org/). CASAA is a non-profit 501(c)(4) organization with an all-volunteer board and a grassroots membership of more than two hundred thousand individuals from all walks of life and are not a trade association.

Silent "eCig" battle most consumers aren't even unaware of

In 2016 the FDA published "Deeming Regulations" on the eCig market which resulted in a worst case scenario for the vapor industry. A situation pointed out by Shawn the owner of ZeeCigs back in a Youtube video published three years prior in 2013 ( VIDEO Electronic Cigarettes 2013 Ban FDA New Report ) go to time stamp 4:50. In 2013 the industry was celebrating the win in federal court allowing eCigs to be classified as a tobacco product and not a pharmaceutical product. In that video Shawn warned that the FDA could use PMTA's against eCigs. PMTA's (pre-market tobacco applications) were created to combat big tobacco from creating future products aimed at the youth.

The FDA now requires that in 2022 all eCig products require a PMTA. This application will cost approx. one million USD per product and as the FDA views every flavor, MG level and bottle size as a separate product these costs mount in the hundreds of millions of dollars for many eLiquid brands.

Hardware is not excluded from PMTA's and every part including complete units, tanks, coils, batteries, empty cartridges and even USB cords sold by retailers in the vapor market must have a PMTA. To make matters worse the FDA is under no obligation to approve or disapprove a application, so even if the product was approved, by the time the approval process would be completed the parts in question are already aging technology and in a global market where eCigs are sold globally it would not be a wise choice for mfr. to even attempt a PMTA.

The view for the most part of the vapor industry was to battle the regulations as the deadline neared as consumer support would be needed and lets face it, ringing the alarm bell in todays fast paced society on a deadline years away would not create much support.

If you have not taken a moment to realize the reality of this situation it would diminish almost every retail vapor store resulting in tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of small business closing and resulting in the loss of millions of jobs.

The situation recently changed this summer as a federal court ruled to change the PMTA deadline from 2022 to may of 2020 ( Click to View Article). This situation was overshadowed by the current THC cartridge epidemic we are currently facing. The opponents of eCigs have successfully sounded the alarm to ban "flavored eLiquids" off of the coat tails of a situation that has nothing to do wth each other and the general public has taken this hook line and sinker due to public media and social media reports.

As the current situation stands the overwhelming victor of this entire situation will be big tobacco. The general public and their elected politicians will hand the entire vapor market to the devil we know (big tobacco). So how can this be? It appears that flavored eLiquids will be banned nationwide in the matter of months (did you know tobacco in eCigs is also nothing more than flavoring, yes confusing but true). With the banning of flavored eLiquid most if not all retail vapor locations will close in the matter of weeks or months. So what about online? well if you look at the momentum this is also on the chopping block.

In one fail swoop big tobacco (JUUL) will wipe out all competition on the backs of the American public without lifting a finger. Its unknown if the fans have been flamed by big tobacco but its not unlikely. This is key timing as any USA eLiquid company that may have been able to file PMTA's and pay the multimillion dollar application fees are undoubtedly caught off guard with this situation and have run out of much needed time and revenues.

PMTA's get fast tracked is the next move and all reports are showing this to be true. With PMTA's getting fast tracked to May of 2020 the handful of players left standing in the vapor market in the USA will be big tobacco with a simple "one vapor unit model" branding and a handful of "Tobacco" flavored pods all at that amazingly high 50mg level of nicotine that keeps consumers coming back for more. Not bad for big tobacco as they are looking at a minimal investment of ten million USD or less which is a drop in the bucket.

Of course a few other players will hang in there if they can afford it but without the nationwide marketing streams such as big box distribution and billions of dollars of backing it is unlikely any players will be left standing in the USA market outside of big tobacco and the army of lobbyists and lawyers at their disposal.

So if you are a diehard eCig user where do you stand after this aftermath? Yes there will be a black market but in the current situation we are in, we all know the dangers of black market products which may include your life. The more sound advice shows that eCig users will purchase products overseas or even from vendors in Canada. Yes many of the larger eLiquid mfr. have already moved into the Canadian market as a backup plan for this exact situation. for the short term this is possible but we are sure laws will be passed restricting such international shipments.

So you might be thinking, buying from Canada might not be so bad? Well you have missed the point of this situation. We are all being manipulated by big corp. in yet another chess move to remove hard working Americans and small businesses from the American landscape. It's sad to see these scenarios repeating themselves but it seems big corp is getting good at this process. And sooner or later you buying a bottle of eLiquid and shipping it from Canada might just be a felony in the not so distant future.

The saddest part of this entire situation is that the vapor industry was born (all the way back in the year 2000) to help smokers get off of tobacco cigarettes and here we sit with big tobacco distorting and manipulating an entire industry back into a highly addictive product that they own exclusively.

This will result in smoker's NOT having the ability to legally purchase products that have successfully helped millions to stop smoking or change their previous habit of smoking traditional cigarettes into a less harmful habit of vapor consumption (this article is already too long to point out the very positive medical studies that have shown traditional pre-JUUL vapor products being reasonably safe compared to traditional cigarettes Health Reports).

It is mind blowing that the parents and anti-vapor advocates are the very reason this product will go to big tobacco and leave no option for traditional vapor users and future cigarette users no other options. Oh! but wait a minute, I forgot these people will have an option, its called big phara!

It is disappointing that many advocates of the positive effects of vapor have been silenced after over a decade of hard work and devotion. A fast growing vapor market that has resulted in health benefits for millions of Americans who never experienced a lung disease or any harmful effects from vapor consumption are being quickly and systematically silenced by news reports of pure fear and not fact.