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EVOD Vapor electronic cigarette with tank clearomizer system

Here at ZeeCigs we feel information is key to the success of a eCigarette habit. Feel free to download the Kanger EVOD users instructions manual.

You can also view the video below where Shawn goes through the entire Kangertech EVOD Clearomizer system including filling the Kanger EVOD Clearomizer
and replacing the heating element replacement (called a Coil). The EVOD video also has some helpful tips for new users of ecigarette models.

Please note: the Original Kanger EVOD Users Manual Kangertech refers to the EVOD clearomizer as a cartomizer. We feel this is a translation error.
Here in the USA the top portion of the Kanger EVOD is in fact called a Clearomizer and not a cartomizer as these are very different eCig vapor systems.