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Cyan Eleaf iCare Mini with PCC Starter Kit - 320mAh

<h3>Cyan Eleaf iCare Mini with PCC Starter Kit - 320mAh</h3>

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Description Technical Specs
Eleaf iCare Mini Starter Kit is even tinier than the original iCare e-cigarette starter kit, while still retaining many of the features making this an ideal unit. The Eleaf iCare mini has an internal tank and airflow system and an automatic On/Off feature that initiates when vaping. Easy to fill top tank simplifies eLiquid filling. Another great highlight of the Eleaf iCare mini is the intuitive three color LEDs, allowing you to easily check the battery status by glancing at the color of the light displayed.

In addition this iCare Mini starter kit comes with a sustainable iCare Mini PCC of 2300mAh battery capacity, which will greatly improve the day to day battery life of your iCare Mini

The iCare Mini PCC is conveniently charged via USB Cable.

Package Content:
1x iCare Mini
1x iCare Mini 2300mAh PCC
2x IC 1.1ohm Coils
1x USB Cable
1x User Manual

Donation made to Molly Meals on your behalf by ZeeCigs with purchase of this item.

Limited warranty against any manufacturing defects from the date of delivery from ZeeCigs.com. Warranty does not cover scratches or possible discoloration from regular use which is considered normal wear and tear, it is up to the user to protect against such damage.

Zee Cigs Vaping Guide” Featuring The “Five Keys” of how to use a Electronic Cigarette

including recommended eJuice nicotine levels and an explanation of vapor hardware options. These “Keys” are very important so please take the time to read the entire article before ordering, as user error is not covered under warranty.

The five keys to produce the best vapor experience are as follows:

First Key (Battery Output)

1. An eCigarette vapor model may have a built in battery (non-removable) or offer a removable battery option, the industry standard for removable batteries is the 18650 battery. Certain e-Cigarette models can offer variable wattage/voltage, not all models will offer this option therefore we encourage you to review the options of the model of eCig you are interested in before making a purchase.

A good example of the power output of a vapor eCigarette is the, iStick eLeaf 100watt model (mod) which can produce up to 100 watts of power. The user of the iStick 100 watt model has the control to choose almost any wattage level, in doing so the eJuice flavor profile and vapor output of the unit can be changed to preference. Keep in mind that the higher the wattage capability of a unit is the the larger the batteries are to power that unit. Commonly 100 watt units (mods) are powered by two removable 18650 batteries, the convenient option of being able to remove the batteries, and swap them for newly charged replacements allows you to keep up with the power consumption of your unit. If you are interested in a 200 watt output unit, these models typically require two or even three 18650 batteries for power.

A typical electronic cigarette offers anywhere from 2watts to 50 watts of power with 75 watt units being the current industry standard. eCigarettes such as these are usually manufactured with the battery built in, making charging the unit fast, easy and convenient. One of the preferred features of these models is the USB capability, allowing the user to vape and charge the eCig simultaneously. All of the convenient features and the value that it offers the user, makes these units a popular choice.

The 100 watt models (vape rigs) will typically have removable 18650 batteries. One of the features of these units is the ability to charge the batteries via an onboard micro USB port, the con to this feature is that charging this way is slow due to the high mah levels of the batteries . The pro for users of 100 watt units (vape mods) is the ability to charge extra batteries in a separate charging station. If you are on a budget keep in mind that extra batteries and chargers may add to your overall cost of the unit.

Second Key (Coil Head Resistance)

2. Coil heads in an electronic cigarette are the updated version of the eCig atomizer. Atomizers were common in the first generation units such as: 510, eGo-T, eGo-W and eGo-C models. Although the coil head resistance levels may seem confusing we will attempt at making the options easier to understand allowing you to customize your eCigarette model according to your vaping habit, which will result in the perfect vape, every time.

To explain coil head resistance in simple terms
Think of the coils resistance number (1.5, 1.0, 0.5, 0.25 ohm, etc) in the form of money, 1.5 would be a dollar and a half. 0.25 would be twenty-five cents.
The lower the number the lower the resistance and the more power (wattage / voltage) will be needed to run that coil head. It may appear odd that the lower the number the more powerful the coil but this is due to ohm's law and this option is out of human control as it’s the law of electricity.

A low resistance coil head needs to be powered by a high output battery and/or electronic cigarette model that has the option of variable wattage/voltage as more power is needed. This is why many advertised eCigarette units showcase the max wattage output

When you use a low resistance coil you can increase the wattage/voltage settings to a level where the vapor and flavor output is to your preference. Please keep in mind each resistance level has a minimum and maximum wattage setting. For example a Joyetech 0.5ohm SS316 coil will have a wattage range from 15 watts up to 30 watts. Therefore if you increase the wattage setting over the maximum 30W while using the Joyetech 0.5ohm SS316 coil head, that will result in a coil head failure. We used the Joyetech SS316 coil as an example, each manufacture differs in design and we recommend you check the manufacturer's settings before using the coil.

If you are wondering how each coil manufacturer can offer different ranges even if the coil head resistance level is a universal setting, then you are asking the right questions! Some coil heads might have one heating coil built inside of the head, some have two coils built in four coils, six coils and even eight coils built into the head (we are sure the future will bring even more coils packed into a coil head).

The minimum and maximum wattage settings will change the more coils that are built within the coil head. Keep in mind that if you have a coil head with quad coils built in (four coils) then you will be converting liquid into vapor at a higher rate which will produce much more vapor and you will consume a lot more eLiquid (nicotine liquid).

Coil head Resistance is very important as it dictates the flavor and/or vapor output. Think of this replaceable part as the engine. You have the control to place a powerful engine (low resistance) or a more economical engine (high resistance) or anything in-between. The lower the resistance the more powerful the output including flavor and vapor, keep in mind a more powerful engine will use much more eLiquid as its providing a much higher output and can double your eJuice consumption compared to high resistance coils which use less vaping juice (nicotine juice).

Not all units can power a low resistance coil head (powerful engine). Every electronic cigarette model offers a minimum resistance, which dictates how low the coil resistance can be per eCig model. For example, the Joyetech eGo AIO model does not offer variable voltage / wattage and has a voltage level preset at 3.7 volts. The Joye eGo AIO minimum resistance level is 0.5ohm (preset at the factory) as that is the lowest level the eCig unit can operate at. A 0.25 coil will not operate in this eCigarette model.

As a second example the Joyetech eGrip 2 is a variable wattage / voltage eCig model that can produce up to 80 watts. This vapor eCig model can power a full range of coils with the lowest coil setting of 0.1. That’s right, 0.1 ohm, which is the lowest option currently available, however you normally will not find a premade coil at such a low resistance level. These low resistance levels are the result of custom built (home-made) DIY tanks, in these cases the user builds their own coil from scratch.

Please note, unless you have full knowledge of ohm’s law, coil building education and the proper safety equipment you should not attempt to build your own coils as this is very dangerous and is the reason you now see so many disclaimers posted on vapor eCig retailers websites regarding “electronic cigarettes explodes” and fire hazards.

This is also the reason for popular “junk media” stories of exploding electronic cigarettes. If you are not using custom built coils (home-made) in your eCig model than your risk of lithium-ion failure is extremely low, so low that the odds of failure are the same as any device that uses lithium ion batteries including cellphones, smartphones, iPhone, iPad or laptop failure which we all know is extremely rare. If you stay away from custom made (home-made) coils your eCigarette vapor model is extremely safe to use.

Lower Resistance Coil Head (Heating Element for eCig models)

Lower resistance levels commonly called Sub Ohm such as 0.25, 0.05 and 0.6 ohm will result in nicotine liquid becoming harsher at higher levels. Lower coil resistances allow for DL vaping (Direct Lung). When using low resistance coils we recommend 6mg of nicotine in your eJuice or lower with 3mg of nicotine being the most popular for 0.25, 0.05 and 0.06 ohm coil heads.

High Resistance Coil Head (Heating Element for eCig models)

High resistance levels such as 1.5 ohm allows you to use a full range of electronic cigarette nicotine liquid from 0mg up to 24mg of nicotine. Higher resistance coils allow for the more traditional vape habit of MTL vaping (Mouth To Lung). Although high resistance coils heads (1.5) allows for a full range of eJuice nicotine levels, vapor user should note that flavor and vapor output is reduced when using high resistance coil heads.


MTL Stands for “Mouth to Lung” and DL stands for “Direct Lung”. Classic vapor electronic cigarette models such as the EVOD and T3S featured MTL allowing the user to first inhale a large amount of vapor into their mouth and then the eCigarette user would inhale the vapor into their lungs.

Newer vape models (rigs) can be much more powerful and use low resistance coil heads resulting in a new technique to inhale which is referred to as “Direct Lung” inhalation. These more powerful vape models (mods) coupled with a low resistance coil head produce large amounts of vapor the user of these models doesn't need to wait for the vapor to build up in their mouth before delivering it to the lungs, instead they simply inhale directly from their mouth into their lungs.

Special note should be taken that newer is not necessarily better. Many new users to vapor electronic cigarettes products choose to purchase eCigarette units that provide the classic MTL vaping experience. If you are new to electronic cigarettes than you might want to choose a model that can accept coil heads that offer both MTL and DL coil head options as you will be able to experience both methods and decide which vaping method is best suited to your vaping habit.

Third Key (Temperature Control)

3. Since we explained MTL and DL now is a great time to mention Temperature control. The temperature control setting is only available if the unit has temperature control settings built in and the eCig user has installed specially designed temperature control coil heads. If you have both options you can change the eCigarette models (mod) settings to the temperature control vaping option.

Temperature control settings allow for yet another (confusing) option of vaping as the focus is on the temperature of the vapor being produced. In this mode you do not change the wattage / voltage setting but rather increase or decrease the temperature setting.

Very few electronic cigarette users enjoy this vaping sensation. Simply put, this vaping option has been attributed to marketing hype to sell more vapor products. If you are new to vaping we recommend starting with the Variable Wattage/Voltage settings, in the future you may want to consider trying this setting as a limited number of vapor users do enjoy it.

Fourth Key (Vapor eJuice / eLiquid nicotine levels)

4. When it comes to electronic cigarette nicotine juice you have many options. As a rule of thumb the higher the nicotine level the more throat hit (a term used to associate the feeling a traditional cigarette gives to a smoker's throat when inhaling) but hinders the flavor or the eLiquid. If you use an eJuice with a low nicotine level then the eLiquid blend will offer more flavor but it will reduce your throat hit.

In the early days of vaping, choosing your nicotine level was pretty simple as almost all units operated at 3.7 to 4.2 volts (pretty low settings) and almost all electronic cigarette coil heads (used to be called atomizers) were preset to 1.2 to 2.5 ohms. You simply selected a nicotine level of your preference and would reduce the level over time (if you wanted to decrease your nicotine level). Today it's very important to compare your nicotine level to your coil head setting. High levels of electronic cigarette nicotine liquid can be too harsh to inhale if used with a low resistance coil heads (0.25). You need to adjust your nicotine mg level based on the coil head setting you are currently using.

Some signs that you are using too much nicotine for the resistance of your coil are a feeling of being light headed and even dizziness. The reason for this is that a low resistance coil head runs much hotter and converts the nicotine liquid much quicker resulting in more vapor and a higher concentration of nicotine within the vapor, in turn, you absorb more nicotine as your lungs are exposed to more vapor.

High resistance coil heads (1.5) might not deliver the desired throat sensation compared to your old habit of tobacco cigarettes as they do not run nearly as hot as a low resistance coil head. A high resistance setting will result in less vapor and less nicotine absorption. In this case you would increase your nicotine level to deliver the desired throat sensation.

The higher the coil head setting (1.5) the higher the nicotine level that can be consumed (if needed) and the lower the coil head setting (0.25) than the lower the nicotine level. Every electronic cigarette user has different preferences and it's common to vary your nicotine levels. For an example, you may use 12mg or even 24mg with a high resistance coil head (1.5), but if you switch your coil head to a low resistance setting (0.25) then that same eCig user should reduce the nicotine mg level to 3mg or 6mg. There are some eCigarette users who enjoy high levels of nicotine even with powerful low resistance (0.25) coil heads. We recommend starting at a low level of nicotine and if desired raising the nicotine levels slowly at no more than 3mg intervals.

The description above might leave you scratching your head as to the correct nicotine level to choose in your electronic cigarette refill liquid. You don’t want to waste money on eLiquid that you cannot use, on Eliquid that may be to light or too strong of a nicotine level. The solution is pretty simple, you can mix your eLiquid as needed. For Example if you have a bottle of 12mg nicotine level Ejuice and a bottle of 0mg nicotine Ejuice you can mix them together (equal parts) giving you 6 mg of nicotine. Please be cautious not to get eLiquid on your skin, prolonged exposure will result in nicotine absorption through the skin. If you spill electronic cigarette refill liquid (juice) on your skin please wash the area with soap and water as soon as possible to ensure your safety.

Fifth Key (Airflow Control)

5. “Airflow control” makes a big difference when selecting your electronic cigarette vapor model which is why we included it in the five keys to vaping. Airflow control is pretty straight forward ,the top end of an electronic cigarette which can be called any of the following vaping terms, clearomizer, clearo, tank, RDA, RTA, etc. has an airflow option. These options are manually changed by the user and allows for you to modify the ease of inhale while vaping.

This is an important option especially for those new electronic cigarette users who are smokers. Traditional tobacco cigarettes have a hard pull when inhaling and many new eCigarette users want to mimic that sensation with an eCig. As time goes on you may want to adjust the pull to more or less, based on your preference. You can conveniently adjust the pull by simply altering the airflow control. Changing your airflow is quick and easy, we recommend inhaling vapor from your eCigarette while altering the airflow as many models allow for this. By changing the airflow while inhaling vapor you get an exact airflow setting for your personal vaping habit.

Airflow control is also very important with regard to SubOhm eCig models. If you choose to use a low resistance coil head (0.25, 0.5, 0.6 etc.) you will find that the vapor may be very warm and possibly uncomfortable to vape. With the airflow control option you can open the airflow control allowing for more airflow which will cool the vapor resulting in an optimum setting conducive to each individual. It's small options like these that might be overlooked but these options hold the best keys to true customization and vapor control.

Always Prime Your Coil Head

Friendly reminder! Always prime a new vape tank, clearomizer or coil head, If you don’t you can and will damage the new coil head.

Priming is easy and important as it allows for the wicking (often made of organic cotton) to properly absorb the eLiquid before being fired. To prime the coil head simply fill the clearomizer and/or tank with eJuice, take the new coil head and place a few drops into the opening of the coil head, then screw the eCigarette coil head onto the tank and/or clearomizer and screw the tank and/or clearomizer together. Inhale three or more times before attaching the vape tank and/or clearomizer to the eCig battery. This allows for the absorption process of the wicking material inside the coil head to start. The final step is to leave the clearomizer and/or tank in an upright position with the mouthpiece facing up for a minimum of five minutes before firing the new coil head.

Never let your clearomizer and/or vapor tank go low or empty. A coil head can be damaged with just one good inhale if the clearomizer and/or tank is low or empty. A damaged coil head is caused by the coils wicking being burnt and will result in a burnt harsh taste and/or leaking and no vapor output at all. Think of your coil head as the engine, with no oil the engine will stop working quickly, this is also true with a coil head.

Always use the intended electronic cigarette charger for the specific eCigarette battery or battery type. Always connect eCigarette chargers in protected outlets (GFCI Outlets) to assure a safe charging environment. Most residential homes have these outlets (they have a "Test" and "Reset" button on the face of the outlet) as they protect the outlet from potentially hazardous situations. Do not leave e-cigarette batteries unattended while charging. If a user decides to charge lithium ion batteries without a protection circuit it is potentially hazardous and is not recommended. It is important to charge lithium Ion batteries on a fireproof surface in case of accidental fire.

ZeeCigs is not responsible for any damage caused by users misuse or mishandling of Li-Ion batteries and chargers. Use caution when using or working with Lithium Ion / Li-ion cells as they are sensitive to charging characteristics and if misused or mishandled may explode or burn the user. Make sure the user has the proper knowledge of Lithium Ion / Li-Ion rechargeable batteries and how to properly charge and/or discharge before initial use.

ZeeCigs.com is not responsible for damage caused by user modification of the batteries/chargers or hardware intended for electronic cigarettes.

ZeeCigs.com will not be held responsible or liable for any injury, damage, or defect, permanent or temporary that may be caused by the improper use of a Lithium Ion / Li-Ion battery.

Please take the time to have a basic understanding of the battery type you are using and how to care for them properly. Please read all instructions before charging your vapor system.

We welcome you to contact us via email regarding any questions you may have about a specific eCigs battery, vape unit, mod or eCigarettes device.

  • Eleaf iCare Mini Starter Kit is even tinier than the original iCare e-cigarette starter kit, while still retaining many of the features making this an ideal unit. The Eleaf iCare mini has an internal tank and airflow system and an automatic On/Off feature that initiates when vaping. Easy to fill top tank simplifies eLiquid filling. Another great highlight of the Eleaf iCare mini is the intuitive three color LEDs, allowing you to easily check the battery status by glancing at the color of the light displayed. In addition this iCare Mini starter kit comes with a sustainable iCare Mini PCC of 2300mAh battery capacity, which will greatly improve the day to day battery life of your iCare Mini

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